Coleman SportCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart Technology Review

Coleman SportCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart Technology
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I didn't have any design or function problems with my unit, at all. It worked fine right out of the box. For my purpose (heating a tent or a small bedroom in case of a power outage), I'd buy it again (and the price is right). BTW, the Winter temps in northwest WA are usually pretty mild at sea level, so although the 1500 BTU output isn't much, it is all I need.
The very first time I lit my unit, I was puzzled why it took 5 or 6 clicks of the insta-start spark to light it, even though Coleman predicts this in their instructions. By telling you to start clicking the spark right after opening the valve, I suspect Coleman is making sure you don't let a large amount of propane build up before you hit the button. In other words, I suspect it takes the same amount of time to click the starter 5 or 6 times as for the unit to build up enough propane to light. When it does, there is a small poof of blue and yellow flame. True, if you waited a few minutes after you open the valve to click the starter, one click might be enough to light the unit, but you might also lose your eyebrows (or worse).
One thing for sure... run your heater outside or maybe in your garage for a LONG time when it is brand new. In fact, I'd say use up a whole container of propane to break it in. The reason for this is that the smell this heater puts out when it is new is nasty! Ever get a rug stuck in the rotating brush of your vacuum cleaner, and the rubber drive belt starts to smoke? Well, it's like that smell TIMES TEN! I couldn't find any mention of the odor or warnings about toxicity in the Coleman booklet, so Coleman must not think is is harmful. But, believe me, it sure is unpleasant and Coleman should mention the idea of "breaking in" the heater when new. After I ran about 3/4 of a tank of propane through my new heater, the smell was completely gone. But, fair warning... break this puppy in, before you bring it inside with you.
Otherwise, no complaints, and I'd buy it again and recommend it to you. Stay warm out there!

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Whether you're staying in a cabin, tent, or under the stars, the Coleman 5035-750 SportCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater with InstaStart Technology will enhance any camping adventure. This heater comes with an electronic ignition for quick and easy matchless lighting. The 1,500 BTU output operates up to 14 hours from one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder (not included).
The Coleman heater features a portable integrated handle making it easy to carry, and the stable, detachable base provides a strong stand wherever you need it. With this heater, you'll enjoy the warmth you desire during your camping expedition.

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